When considering your next photographic adventure, please ensure you compare Apples with Apples. Many people book standard tours only to return disappointed because they had no flexibility, were at the wrong place at the wrong time and had little opportunity to do any serious photography. It is also important to note that not every photographic tour is made equal. Ensure you choose a reputable tour, not just a standard tour that has been re-badged as a photographic tour. Your photographic tours should be designed from the ground up with photography in mind, led by an experienced photographer offering guidance and photographic instruction, and most importantly, offer exceptional value for money.

When designing the photographic tours, we conduct extensive research to identify suitable shoot locations, and then go about planning the logistics to suit. Tour routes will make the most of the opportunities and hotels will be conveniently located so that early morning shoots are nearby. The entire program is very much about the photography, so if you are seeking a 5 star luxury rest and relaxation tour, this is not the tour to be on.

Our tours are not only designed to deliver the very best photographic opportunities on offer, but also offer the opportunity to learn as you travel. Experienced photographers are more than welcome to go about their own photography as they see fit, but those requiring advice can be comforted in knowing that their photographic leader will be there with them every step of the way, inspiring and guiding them through the creative and technical aspects of photography. Being on a photographic tour with like-minded people also provides an opportunity for everyone to discuss and share their passion for photography.

The tours however are not only about photography. Travel is very much about people and culture, and as such, we always endeavour to introduce people to different cultures, traditional shows and local cuisine. You are guaranteed to not only return with many amazing images, but also great memories.

Finally, we know all too well that photographers are often charged premium prices for photographic tours. By definition a photographic tour is a specialised tour, but that does not necessarily mean services are double in price. In some instances you are paying for one or more high profile photographers to lead the tour, but in most cases, you are blatantly being over charged for something that offers little more than a standard tour at half the price. It is our business philosophy to continually offer affordable photographic tours with inclusions that are second to none.