There is no greater joy than travelling with people sharing a common interest, and once you understand the value of travelling on a dedicated photographic tour, you will most likely return for more photographic adventures. Approximately 50% of travellers are repeat clients, with many intending to travel on further tours well into the future.

Two of the most common questions received by interested travellers are “Do I need to be a good photographer to join the tour” or “Is my camera good enough?” The tours accommodate photographers of all standards, from beginners with small compact cameras, to professional photographers with Digital SLR’s and a variety of lenses. As long as you enjoy taking photographs, and wish to be presented the very best photographic opportunities, you will feel at home travelling on any of the tour. The only prerequisite is that you have a basic understanding of operating your camera.

In actual fact, the photographic tours appeal to photographers and non-photographers alike, with many enthusiast photographers bringing their non-photographic partners. If they have appreciation for seeing a country, experiencing a culture and trying things not offered on standard tours, they will still have a great time. The only requirement of travelling is that they will need to exercise some patience. Whilst photographers enjoy their photography, non-photographers are more than welcome to venture off and explore on their own, or even better, be swept up in the photographic passion and learn the art of photography. Some non-photographic clients on past tours have thoroughly enjoyed the experience, and soon after invested in photographic equipment in preparation for their next photographic tour.

The tours will appeal to people of all ages and experience. Most tours consist of travellers between 50 and 70 years of age, but have also accommodated as young as 20 and as old as 90 years of age. As long as those choosing to travel on the tour are physically fit, they are more than welcome to join.

The important thing to remember is that your photographic expertise should never be the deciding factor in joining a tour. We are happy to accommodate any standard of photographer, and look forward to not only presenting the very best photographic opportunities but also assisting you in taking amazing images.