It goes without saying all three of us enjoyed our tour and the friendships made in Vietnam, the unique photo opportunities, the number of different locations, the careful planning that must produce such a high quality visual result, we thank you for all of it.

Charles J – Sydney, Australia

I couldn’t have had a better experience, all my photographic ‘wants & needs’ were truly meet. Malcolm delivered a first class photographic tour, catering to all of our groups needs in a friendly, professional and relaxed manner.  I would recommend ‘Spotlight on Asia’ tours to any photographer.

Thank you Malcolm, for giving us a very special trip, that we’ll remember forever.

Kathy M – East Gosford, Australia

The trip was terrific! Had a ball and took thousands of photos. It was a great mis of tourism to a place I’d never been to, allowing an incredible array of photographic opportunities.

Steve M – East Gosford, Australia

We often think of you and the tour and now have a great photo book of memories.  I would recommend Vietnam to fellow photographers interested in portraiture and the hustle and bustle of life rather than those interested in landscape photography – North Vietnam excluded.

David & Belinda R – Glossodia, Australia

Our tour was packed with photographic opportunities, including unique geographical features, wonderful glimpses of local life, and colourful costumes of ethnic minority groups. The fact that I returned home with 18,000 images gathered over 23 days is testimony to the opportunities to click the shutter. Travelling with like-minded people helped make the visit to Vietnam more enjoyable, and with an itinerary constructed around photographic needs made it a real winner. Certainly a value for money tour.

Allan W – Kellyville, Australia

Malcolm, your tour was wonderful. I had heard about this particular tour at Castle Hill club months before and thought it sounded awesome. All true! However, I was initially incredibly nervous about walking into ethnic villages and having limited toilet and washing facilities – but even that dispersed pretty early on in the tour. Loved everything.

Karen W – Kellyville, Australia

This tour provided wonderful opportunities for seeing and photographing the people and the landscape of Vietnam. We went to many places not visited by regular tour operators. It was wonderful to travel with a group that shared a common interest in photography and to have the leisure to indulge our passion for photography.

Robin P – Vincentia, Australia

My wife and I have been on many dedicated photographic tours to Asian countries. This tour to Vietnam was by far the best we have experienced. Malcolm’s attention to detail and pre-planning make the tour run like clockwork, thus maximising the photographic and cultural opportunities. I will recommend his tours whenever I get the chance.

Bob & Chris C – Greystanes, Australia

This was my second tour with Malcolm to Vietnam. The organization was excellent, and the photographic opportunities abounded as usual. This tour had varied experiences, both cultural and scenic. Overnight train trips, elephant ride, cooking class, boat trips in every type of boat imaginable were some of the experiences we shared. Thank you Malcolm for organizing the tour, your enthusiasm abounds and certainly the members of your tour gain from that.

Dawn Z – Wahroonga, Australia

Excellent value for money, Malcolm. I think we fitted two months into one. We were continually given great experiences, both photographic and travel. All days were very full. A lot of thought goes into your travel plans Malcolm. It was a pleasure being on the tour!

Cecily D – Scotts Head, Australia

Phil and I would like to congratulate you on a marvelous trip, thank you for the effort you put into it to make it enjoyable for all. Malcolm, I thought you did a excellent job, it was good that you were so flexible with the itinerary when weather wasn’t in our favour and you tried hard to please your clients. You will never please everyone but you did your best at all times, thank you. I ended up with 11,441 photos which has consumed my time since returning home, trying to organise them, with a little help from Photoshop I am very pleased with the results. On looking back on the trip, we learnt so much thanks to you and your willingness to share your knowledge.

Annette & Phillip W – Buddina, Australia

This Vietnam Photographic Tour is well worth the money just in the experience alone of Vietnam and its people. You also get to enjoy our smiling Malcolm, the camaraderie of your fellow tourographers, and learn from the knowledge of the local tour guides while travelling on a structured photographic tour with the flexibility of change should alternatives present in the comfort of well appointed vehicles driven by competent drivers.

Graham & Linda P – Sandgate, Australia

Gary and I really enjoyed our Vietnam tour. The tour was more extensive than what we had expected – you did an excellent job with your itinerary and it was a bonus how you helped with information on our cameras. It must have been very exhausting for you having to spend sometimes, up to 16 hours with the group. You run a very professional tour, and it was a pleasure to be part of it.

Gary & Gail P – Concord, Australia

The tour was extremely well organised. It was great. I would recommend it to all.

Lyn K – Glenfield, Australia

Having participated in quite a number of organised photo tours in many parts of the world, I can tell you that yours was as well organised as most, if not better. Where your tour differentiated itself is in the fact that you not only made opportunities available, but also made them happen when otherwise we needed to be lucky to get them. This refers of course to the hiring of models at different times and the cooperation of our friendly neighbourhood fisherman.

Felix S – Kelso, Australia

I would consider the tour extremely good value for money, for all the transport, accommodation and food that was included. The photographic opportunities that it afforded were priceless. Having travelled extensively and worked in third world countries most of my life, visiting over seventy countries, I would have to place the 2009 Vietnam Photography Tour at the very top of my list of most memorable trips. The Vietnamese people and countryside were a delight, but above that, being led time and again to locations without photographic equal was priceless. All the hard work had been done for me and wasted time was eliminated. Every detail of the trip had been thoroughly researched and each day of the itinerary was thoughtfully structured. After reading Spotlight on Asia’s website, I had high expectations for the trip. They were surpassed time and again, from dawn to dusk, on the streets, in the alleyways, and on the rivers and beaches of Vietnam.

Tim P – Wanaka, New Zealand

The Tour of Vietnam provided a great insight into Vietnam, its people and their way of life. The accommodation and food far exceeded our expectations and that was really appreciated. It is a great tour and should be undertaken as soon as possible to see the unspoiled culture of Vietnam, and more importantly, the friendly, warm & welcoming people. Tourism is bound to have negative effects on the simplicity of Vietnamese people in future years.

Des & Robin L – Wattle Grove, Austral

The tastes, sights and sounds of Vietnam were well presented and recalling them brings back fond memories.

Ian H & Barbara F – Taree, Australia

The best photographic tour I have been. Strongly recommend the tour to all photographers and to anyone wishing a close look at Vietnam.

Ian C – Diamond Point, Australia

I can only say that the tour with you was excellent with so much opportunity to take many thousands of images. I have already been lucky to have some acceptances in comps and am still wading thru the many images I have not even considered yet. I would thoroughly recommend any Vietnam tour you put together and look forward to see your efforts on China.

Keith D – Forster, Australia

Thank you Malcolm for making the trip possible. It must be a huge amount of organisation and frustration. Even though we were not photographers in the same sense as the rest of the crew, we’ve got some great photos (and have produced 4 paintings).

Bill & Gillian W – Nabiac, Australia

North Vietnam

An excellent opportunity to photograph an undeveloped (therefore more traditional) part of Vietnam, at a very well chosen time of the year. I found the opportunities fantastic, and the willingness and ability to stop at likely places really great. It is always congenial to travel with like-minded and co-operative fellow photographers. Malcolm and his local guide both have a very evident knowledge of, and love for this country, plus the willingness to do all they could to ensure we made the most of the many opportunities provided, to take good images of the landscapes and people.

Patricia B – Sydney, Australia

Thank you for organizing this trip. It certainly provided many great photo opportunities. I think you’ve really given us rare and wonderful sights to see, and ensured we were well fed (I had nothing to complain about! I miss the food!). Thanks to you and your team for organizing this. I know it isn’t easy to make sure everything goes well especially with such a full itinerary. Thanks also to Pham who was so sweet and really entertaining. Minh is a FANTASTIC driver. Nuff said.

Cheryl M – Hong Kong

I want to thank you for a wonderful experience in North Vietnam. You went out of your way to make it a memorable adventure – impromptu stops at random villages, connecting with people along the way, stopping on hairpin bends to get some spectacular views of the stunning countryside, something a run-of-the-mill guided tour would never come close to doing. Plus all that fabulous, fabulous food….. (which will take a while to work off).

Sandra S – Dee Why, Australia

Many thanks for a great photography & tour experience. Barb & I enjoyed the trip immensely & appreciate your attention to the tour organisation & the assistance & help you provided. Best wishes for your future & hope you we may join you on a future trip.

Kevin M – Mona Vale, Australia

There were no highlights to this trip…………because every day was an outstanding highlight in its own right. Malcolm, your attention to detail and ability to seek out photo opportunities others would miss is outstanding; scheduling the itinerary to be in the right place on the right day for local events, obvious rapport with the hill tribe people and, of course engaging Pham, the local minorities guide, lead to the delivery of an excellent, value for money, product. The biggest problem we had was selecting just what are the best shots from over 8,000 between us. “Better to have travelled well than arrived” (Buddah) or “Stop and smell the roses along the way” (Mac Davis) sums up the theme of this entire trip in our view. From the impromptu stops that developed into magnificent photo opportunities to the arranged photo shoots the whole recipe for this trip produced a delightfully tasty experience.

John & Sandy O – West Pennant Hills

We are photo-would-be-graphers and really enjoyed the opportunity to improve our skills under Malcolm’s guidance in such stunning locations where the people really seemed to enjoy our presence.

Ian A – Faulconbridge, Australia

A very well organised tour and I found the small numbers very good. I May be reluctant to join a large tour group, a maximum of twelve would be OK. I wonder if you are fully rewarded for all the work you put into the tours.

Brian C – Glenmore Park, Australia

I was impressed by Malcolm’s knowledge of Vietnam and its geography. There was always something to do and photograph and there were many highlights. I really had a great time.

John C – Padstow Heights, Australia

I didn’t want to be part of a group being herded from place to place and what I experienced was better than I could imagine, particularly the great photographic opportunities. Travelling in the North region of Vietnam was a fantastic experience, encountering dramatic landscapes and sweeping panoramas; enjoying the hill tribe groups, waterfalls, high passes and terraced valleys. There were many highlights on the trip but I loved the many markets we visited. I certainly felt that I received value for my money. Malcolm’s attention to detail, passion for photography and travel made my holiday adventure memorable. I am now looking forward to a trip to Cambodia in 2010.

Janene C – Parramatta, Australia

To Mr M,

The smiling Budda or was that the happy Budda. Anyways, just a little note to let you know how I have coped on the very first trip away. I may have struggled there a couple of times but felt I kept up pretty well considering. It was great knowing ahead of time exactly what we were in for! Thank you for that, it’s just one of the many insightful, professional and wise choices you have made.

I have to say I can see where your passion for this country and its people come from. When you told me my eyes would be open to a whole new world, boy you weren’t kidding. There were times I was so in awe of what I was seeing I was speechless. I know you noted my smiles but hoped you also saw the wonderment and pleasure on my face. When you told me my turn up front would be special that day seeing the mountains from the front view, you were so correct. The spectacle in front of me almost made me cry it was so beautiful.

Then the people. Oh what gentle, smiling, accommodating fellows they were. To experience and learn about their culture and way of living first hand was just so awesome.

You have given me a once in a lifetime experience. If I never get to go anywhere again, I won’t be disappointed having now been here on this tour. I think you did a 100%, 10/10 job Malcolm. I wish you well in the future and hope all your trips are as wonderful as this one.

You have given me a once in a lifetime experience. If I never get to go anywhere again, I won’t be disappointed having now been here on this tour. I think you did a 100%, 10/10 job Malcolm. I wish you well in the future and hope all your trips are as wonderful as this one.

Kerry N – Murwillumbah, Australia

The Spotlight on Asia tour of North Vietnam was a wonderful experience for photographers. There were photographic opportunities around every bend in the road, and most of these opportunities were realised. Travelling with a group of people with similar interests is the secret to success. It was a fun trip, a great deal of comradeship and cannot be recommended highly enough. Thanks

Dawn Z – Wahroonga, Australia

The Tour lived up to our expectations in every way. The scenery was magnificent – around every bend another photo. The markets were always interesting and so colourful. The night that you arranged with the Minority people, music and dancing girls, such lovely girls always obliging us with one more photo. The wonderful terraced rice fields glowing in the late afternoon sun, and the friendly workers always willing to stop for a moment and allow us to photograph them. Until this tour, we had mostly concentrated on landscape photography, but we have learnt a lot on this tour and enjoyed photographing the people, young & old. Thank you Malcolm for your helpful advice, always so freely given.

Joy & Bruce M – Illawong, Australia

I truly loved this trip, which I found a very exciting and artistic experience,and great fun. It was very well planned and organised (against many odds and difficulties),with incredible commitment and imaginative flexibility. Malcolm is an extraordinary leader,inspiring and highly skillful, thoughtful and helpful to all. His love and knowledge of Vietnam is exemplary,and his dedication to top quality photography quite outstanding. Thank you for an unforgettable experience,which I will treasure forever.

Annie S – Turramurra, Australia

A wonderful experience in every way. How will you top this? Can’t wait to see what your next tour offers.

Karen W – Woodbine, Australia

This trip surpassed all my expectations. I was blown away by the north of Vietnam, its people and its scenery. I loved the opportunities for photography and found the services provided to be excellent. Accommodation was good in most places, particularly in isolated areas. Thank you Malcolm, for a great trip.

Cecily D – Scotts Head, Australia

I thoroughly enjoyed the trip….and have some images that have won me a bit at our local camera club meets.

Pauline K – Lismore, Australia

It was the best trip I have experienced for both photography & photographic opportunities & being able to stop at undesignated spots.

John W – Port Macquarie, Australia

The best adventure I’ve experienced. Only been taking photos for three months before our trip, the opportunities for photos were endless, not to mention my awards with our local camera club, thank you.

Lorraine T – Gerringong, Australia


Thank you for putting together and leading a wonderful trip.  It went very well, I thought. Not even rain in Varanasi could dampen the magic of that city. The accommodation was good – sometimes luxurious –  the food wonderful, and of course I loved the cultural itinerary.

Sandra S – Dee Why, Australia

Thank you for our expertly led trip to India! It was, indeed, a fantastic, noisy, chaotic and fascinating cultural experience. The friendly Indian people have left us with indelible memories of their diverse, busy & colourful lives. As always your professionalism & attention to detail made the trip flow smoothly. Now we face the daunting task of sorting over 12,000 images !!! Thanks again for a truly wonderful insight into India and its people.

Des & Robyn L – Wattle Grove, Australia

My trip to India – I enjoyed it and I now appreciate what I have and where I live, more than ever. I thought the trip was well planned and we had good guides to be on hand and to assist when needed.  We learnt a lot and saw and lot and definitely saw places that not a lot of tourists would get to.

Jeff – Freshwater, Australia


After three trips with Malcolm (North Vietnam, East Africa and Mekong/Cambodia), and with a fourth booked, I am obviously very happy with the number and range of opportunities to capture excellent images, probably the best offerings in photographic tours I’ve found in my travels. His organization works very well in the background, and it is very obvious that much time and care have been put into making the best use of the range of possibilities available. Malcolm’s knowledge of both photography and of the regions visited contributes greatly to the success of his tours. And he is always ready to share this knowledge with others, to enable them to capture the best images they can. This is not to say that the tours aren’t also very enjoyable for the personal interactions, delicious meals, and very adequately comfortable (or usually better!) facilities provided. Especially for keen photographers, Malcolm’s tours certainly get my vote!

Patricia B – Sydney, Australia (Mekong/Cambodia Tour)

Vietnam is a vibrant place whose inhabitants must be amongst the most friendly and industrious on earth while Cambodia is home to the stunning Angkor complex (which should be on everyone’s bucket list). Malcolm and his team gave us more than we expected abetted by his fabulous local guides. We were completely satisfied, our cultural experiences were absolutely genuine and not contrived for tourists. Spontaneous photographic opportunities were abundant and we came away with some amazing photos and memories.

Thanks for a wonderful trip. We enjoyed every minute of it. Your enthusiasm and passion for photography is contagious. We hope to do another of your trips in the not too distant future.

Bruce & Sue W – Nowra, Australia

Cambodia and the entire temple complex was pretty special. It’s ultimately what I went on the trip for. Great surprises were the Tra Su Forrest, the dusk shots at Baray, boating on the Mekong and the dawn and dusk shots on Phu Quoc Island. Perhaps the biggest highlight is probably you. The trip was very well thought out, great choice of locations and things to shoot, everything ran like clockwork and it was all done with considerable photographic expertise backing it up and a healthy dose of good humour.

The difference between a photographer and a non-photographer should be the way he or she sees things. I’d have to admit my eyes were definitely opened on this tour. I saw things that I had wanted to see for a long time and in different ways that would not have been available from a more general tour. I really appreciated getting off the beaten track and living more of the local life. Great trip, great company, great food and a great time. What more can I say.

John de S – Parramatta, Australia

Being my first trip to Asia I was appreciative of the level of organisation and the assistance and advice from both the tour leader and the guides. I can thoroughly recommend the tour to any photographer regardless of the level of your expertise.

Ian N – Fishing Point, Australia

A well planned and organised tour that leaves the photographer with nothing to do except focus on the never ending opportunities to take extraordinary photos. From the floating markets and villages in the Mekong Delta of Vietnam to the temples in Siem Reap in Cambodia, you are able to capture such colourful images of the people, their culture and the environment they live in. It was a tour that certainly exceeded my expectations.

Lois P – Auckland, New Zealand

Spotlight on Asia always delivers the goods. A pleasure to travel with them.

Karen W – Woodbine, Australia

I was impressed by Malcolm’s knowledge of Vietnam and its geography. There was always something to do and photograph and there were many highlights. I really had a great time.

One temple wasn’t the same as another – each temple or temple ruin was unique in its own way. The frescos detailing the history and also everyday life were a sight to be seen and remarkably preserved. The photographic choices and chances were really only limited by how quickly you could press the shutter release, and how swiftly you could swivel your head as you preceeded along. A lot was packed into 4 days and every bit was an experience.

Graham & Linda P – Sandgate, Australia


Mal, thanks again for everything.  I could not have asked for more. I had a great time and came back with some amazing images. I learnt a lot and that’s what it was all about.

You wanted to know the stats so they are: 20,538 raw files taking up 851 GB. I’ve since converted the raw files to JPEG, and the whole lot has gone well over the1 TB mark and is still growing as I stitch the panoramas. As I did last year, I’ll collate the images of the group that I have and send them along.  It will take a while as quite a few of them are panoramas…

John de S – Parramatta, Australia

I just wanted to write and say how much I enjoyed your Myanmar photo tour.  It was an amazing experience and one that I have returned from with some truly fabulous images. Lots of great memories for me including the hot air balloon ride over the Bagan temples, the Irrawaddy boat trip and the unique life of those people on Inle Lake. Thanks for also teaching me some new things about photography including those star trails. Thanks again for hosting such a wonderful tour.

David D – Waverton, Australia

One goes no further if they want a photographic journey that is well planned and executed. Vast amount of attention is taken to details and flexibility to make changes when necessary. A well deserved experience and vacation will be had by all.

Marvin F – Brooklyn, USA

Myanmar was another of Malcolm’s fantastic photography tours. From the places we went to the people we met this was a truly memorable experience. I am already winning awards with images from this tour.

Bob C – Greystanes, Australia

When I have the opportunity to travel with Spotlight on Asia, I always do. The planning and attention to detail is outstanding and I am never disappointed with the journey or the photographic opportunities.

Karen W – Woodbine, Australia

Yunnan, China

Another amazing tour! You organise the most amazing tours getting us to places providing wonderful photographic opportunities.

Ken F – Glenbrook, Australia